Market Share and Food & Beverage Issues at Urban Full-Service Brand-Managed Hotel

A Midwest-based individual owner of a full-service hotel engaged Murphy Asset Management to address specific issues affecting profitability.  The hotel had been losing market share and the food and beverage operations were struggling and unprofitable.  To address market share, Murphy Asset Management worked closely with the revenue management team to improve high-level strategies and the day-to-day decision making.  This resulted in dramatically improved average daily rate indices causing large gains in market share.  To address food and beverage issues, Murphy Asset Management took a deep dive into both revenue and expenses.  Within one year, without improving revenues, the hotel went from a departmental loss to profitability.  This was accomplished entirely through working with the operator to better manage labor.  In the following year, there was an additional significant positive swing in food and beverage departmental income and total net operating income.

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