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Because MDG develops and owns hotels, MAM is well versed in the work needed in the early stages of a potential project, including:


A core belief of MAM is that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Having MAM involved early in the project will yield immeasurable results in saved time, effort, and money. MAM assists in all aspects of preparing the hotel to open, including:


Another MAM core principle is that accountability produces results. A housekeeping supervisor inspects the rooms that the room attendants clean, and that system of checks and balances should be replicated at each level in a hotel. The operator needs to have accountability to produce the best results, and MAM oversees all areas of the operator’s responsibilities to ensure the highest level of performance. This is accomplished via:


These functions represent the engine driving the bus. Strong top-line performance is essential in every project, and the utmost of scrutiny, strategizing, employment of best practices and the latest technologies are essential. MAM accomplishes this via oversight of:


One of the most important benefits of engaging MAM is access to benchmarking data which drills down to individual hotel line item expenses relative to similar projects. Additionally, MAM provides oversight and analysis of:


It is a fundamental belief of MAM that success is not based on one “silver bullet” or “secret sauce” element, but rather on excellence in a thousand small decisions. MAM performs a complete analysis of the team and operation to ensure that the right people have the appropriate training and motivation, best-kept facilities, and are able to employ the practices and decision-making criteria. MAM evaluates: