What is Asset Management?

Asset Management, with virtually unlimited definitions, means different things to different people.  In some circles, asset management is limited to the physical conditions of the building; in other instances, asset management focuses on financial analysis and reporting.  The MAM view of asset management encompasses a holistic approach to hotel operations, the business of real estate, and the world of finance. At MAM, we are:

… all with the ultimate job of driving profitability, value, and community standing in your project.  



At MAM, we look at hotel assets through a different lens than others. Our experience in hotel ownership, operations, transactions, architecture, design, financial analysis, and construction management allows us to take a full life-cycle approach to the business and real estate of hotels. This ensures excellence in every stage of a hotel project. The MAM advantage protects and enhances each investment and always puts the interests of ownership first.

Because MAM is a standalone boutique firm, yet still within a large, diversified real estate development and services company, the firm is able to maintain an entrepreneurial and nimble approach to client solutions. Instead of requiring a client to fit into a pre-programmed process, the group offers a highly customizable approach that brings maximum value to each project. The fee structure employed by the firm ensures investment in only the most sensible services. From start to finish, each client maintains a relationship with just one primary contact, but supported by the full MAM team, to arrive at and execute the optimum suite of proactive and handcrafted solutions.

MAM asset manages award-winning hotels conceived and created by sister company Murphy Development Group (MDG). MAM thinks as an owner because we are owners. Collectively, MAM and MDG design, build, finance, and launch best-in-class hotels, and are intimately familiar with how to achieve excellence in any hotel project.

The MAM team is comprised of some of the best and brightest minds in the business. The group believes that asset management should never be considered a commodity service. MAM has robust experience and an appreciation for hard work and diligence. The firm continuously challenges the status quo and does not accept conventional wisdom in protocols or solutions if the desired results are not achieved. Depth of experience in all aspects of hotel real estate and operations is crystalized in a team full of forward-thinkers and innovators.